One of our favorite edition to the 2018 hammer line is the Standard. We named this hammer the Standard for a reason . We combined all the hammers we make and put the best parts all in one head. This is a one piece solid head made from 304 stainless polished to mirror finish . One side has what we think is the perfect size dome for any tech from beginner to expert. The other side has a perfectly  machined tip that allows you to blend or knockdown high spots with pin point accuracy. We have machined both head and handle to weigh almost identical weights leaving a perfectly balanced hammer. Wether you prefer 18 inches or 12 your hammer will always have that perfect feel. Last but not least we have redesigned our handles to fit perfectly in your hand and be as comfortable as possible. If you are starting to blend or have been blending for years this is an all around perfect blending hammer that is a must have.